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Dragon City - Dragon Breeding Guide

Dragon City Complete Dragon Breeding Guide

Dragon breeding is a unique part of the game play in Dragon City. However, it is hard to figure out how to breed what without the formula. In this guide, we will provide some formulas and tutorials on how to breed the dragons that you love and use in Dragon City. Please share this guide with your Dragon City and facebook friends if you have found it helpful.

Basic Dragon Breeding Information

The basic of Dragon City breeding is taught during tutorial. You will first have to level up your dragon via feeding to at least level 4. Build a building ground such as Breeding Mountain or Breeding Tree, then you can select which of the dragon that you would like to breed. It will take some time for the dragons to create the eggs and even more time for the eggs to hatch. The types of offspring is dependent on the parents. In addition, there is some sort of luck involved in breeding that you may not get the dragon you are looking for 100% of the time.

Basic Breeding Dragons

To start breeding the dragons, you must first have these basic building blocks. You must purchase these dragons from eggs because you do not have the parents to generate and mate for these basic dragons.
Plant Dragon
Fire Dragon
Earth Dragon
Water Dragon
Electric Dragon
Ice Dragon
Metal Dragon
Dark Dragon

Special Promotional Dragons

These dragons are listed because they cannot be made via breeding. However, we have included these to make our Dragon City breeding guide complete:
Paladin Dragon: Electric/Earth – Level 10 in Social Empires
Robot Dragon: Fire/Metal – Level 10 in Social Wars

Generation 1 Breeding Dragons

Below is a complete list of “Rank 1″ dragons that you can build by using single step from the basic dragons in Dragon City. The dragons may be repeated in each of the subsection simply for your own convenience. The order at which you input the dragons for breeding does not affect the egg outcome. It is all pretty much based on luck and luck only.

Earth Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Earth + Fire = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Earth + Plant = Tropical or Cactus.
Earth + Water = Mud or Waterfall.
Earth + Electric = Star or Chameleon.
Earth + Ice = Alpine or Snow Flake.
Earth + Metal = Armadillo.
Earth + Dark = Hedgehog or Venom.

Fire Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Fire + Earth = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Fire + Water = Cloud or Blizzard.
Fire + Plant = Firebird or Spicy.
Fire + Electric = Laser or Hot Metal.
Fire + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk.
Fire + Dark = Vampire or Dark Fire.

Water Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Water + Earth = Mud.
Water + Fire = Cloud or Blizzard.
Water + Plant = Nenufar or Coral.
Water + Electric = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Water + Ice = Icecube or Ice Cream.
Water + Metal = Mercury or Seashell.

Plant Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Plant + Earth = Tropical.
Plant + Fire = Firebird or Spicy.
Plant + Water = Nenufar or Coral.
Plant + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito.
Plant + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly.
Plant + Dark = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake.

Electric Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Electric + Earth = Star or Chameleon.
Electric + Fire = Laser or Hot Metal.
Electric + Water = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Electric + Metal = Golden Or Battery.
Electric + Dark = Neon.
Electric + Ice = Moose.

Ice Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Ice + Earth = Alpine or Snow Flake.
Ice + Water = Icecube or Ice Cream.
Ice + Plant = Dandelion or Mojito.
Ice + Medal = Platinum.
Ice + Electric = Moose.

Metal Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Metal + Fire = Medieval or Steampunk.
Metal + Water = Mercury or Seashell.
Metal + Ice = Platinum.
Metal + Plant = Jade or Dragonfly.
Metal + Electric = Golden or Battery.
Metal + Dark = Zombie.

Dark Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Dark + Earth = Hedgehog or Venom.
Dark + Fire = Vampire or Dark Fire.
Dark + Plant = Carnivore Plant Or Rattle Snake.
Dark + Electric = Neon.
Dark + Ice = Penguin.
Dark + Metal = Zombie.
Dark + Mud = Poo.

Generation 2 Dragon Breeding – Hybrid Rare

Below list we will include generation 2 dragon breds that are possible from generation 1. Please note that some of these chances are not 100%, and there may be other ways that you can successfully breed the Dragon City dragon that you are looking for. We have used () to note the basic building block for the specific Generation 1 dragons for your convenience.
Mud (Earth + Water) + Dark = Poo.
Medieval (Fire + Metal) + Alpine (Ice + Earth) = Cool Fire Or Soccer Or Pearl Or Armadillo Or Flaming Rock
Neon (Dark + Electric) + Nenufar (Water + Plant) = Pirate.
Zombie + Mud (Earth + Water) = Petroleum.
Laser (Fire + Electric) + Dandelion (Plant + Ice) = Gummy or Fluorescent or Laser.
Special Notes:
Cool Fire can also be obtained through Laser (Fire + Electric) and Dandelion (Plant + Ice), Firebird and Ice.
Armadillo can also obtained through: medieval + alpine, pearl + alpine, jade+star, Zombie + Mud, and Pearl + flaming rock dragon
Gummy can also be obtained through: Firebird + fluorecent, firebird + star, Jade + star, and neon + nenufar
Pirate can also be bred from: Rattlesnake + lanternfish and neon + cloud
It should be additionally noted that Medieval + Alpine dragon is one of the best dragon breeding formula in Dragon City because of its ability to bred different types of hybrid rares.

Generation 3 Dragon Breeding – Legendary

The dragon breeding list for the legendary rank is well, pretty rare. You really have to rely heavily on your luck to get a shot at landing these dragons. Because the type of elements associated with these rare breeds are quite complex, we do not have the exact formula for these Dragon City breeds yet.
Legendary Dragon – Cool Fire Dragon + Soccer Dragon
Crystal Dragon – Coolfire + Soccer
Mirror Dragon – Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon
Wind Dragon – Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon, Soccer + Cool Fire
Soccer Dragon
Cool Fire Dragon 

Dragon City Ultra Breeding - Legendary
Petroleum Dragon

In the game it is impossible to directly breed the dark and water elements. Therefore you must breed two dragons that each contain one of the two elements at the Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree in order to get a Petroleum dragon.
Example: Neon (Dark + Electric) and Nenufar (Water + Plant)
Venom (Dark + Earth) and Blizzard (Fire + Water)
Wind Dragon

You can get this dragon by breeding any combination of rare hybrids at the Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree. These are:
                             Unicorn Dragon
You can get this by breeding two Legendary-type Dragons
  • Mirror (Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon)+ Wind (Any combination of the ff: Soccer,Cool Fire,Gummy,Pirate,Petroleum,Poo,Soccer)
  • Crystal (Cool Fire + Soccer)+ Mirror (Gummy Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon)
  • Poo+Pirate (Dark + Mud)
Crystal Dragon

Breeding any two of the following Rare Hybrid Dragons will earn you a chance on getting the Crystal Dragon:
  • Gummy
  • Cool Fire
  • Soccer
  • Armadillo
  • Pirate
  • Petroleum
  • Poo
Note: None of these combinations grants a 100% chance. Legendary dragons are hard to obtain and you need a lot of luck.

The Legendary Dragon

Breeding any two of the following Rare Dragons will earn you a chance on getting the Legendary Dragon:
  • Gummy Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon
  • Soccer Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon
  • Gummy Dragon + Soccer Dragon
  • Gummy Dragon + Gummy Dragon
  • others got it by Cool Fire + Cool Fire
Note: Above mentioned breeding techniques are about of 5-10% of chance and even lower with other Rare Hybrid breeding.

Battle Guide: Dragon Strengths and Weakness

In this game, each dragon is governed by an element. Each elemental dragon has its own strengths and weaknesses. When you collect or breed dragons take a note of the element associated with it. The table below highlights the strengths and weakness of each elemental dragon:
Dragon Element
Strong Against
Weak Against
Can Resist Against
Water, Ice, Metal
Fire and Electric Dragons
Plant and Earth
Fire and Electric
Water, Plant, Earth
Water, Plant, Ice
Fire, Metal, Plant, Ice
Earth and Ice
Metal, Fire and Earth
Plant and Dark
Metal, Water, Fire
Metal and Electric
Metal, Fire

Notes: Dragon City Opposing Element Breeding

In this list that we have provided, there are some breeds that include elements that are opposed to each other. This means that you cannot normally breed them directly. However, you can use hybrid dragons that contain the opposing elements to breed the hybrid dragons. Because hybrid is used in the breeding process, this means that you will not be able to get the dragon that you want 100% of the time, so just keep on trying until you breed the Dragon City dragons that you need!


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